Auroræ Libri

IT Solutions for smart Industries


We build the adamant of your Information System

We garantee that our solutions will integrate seamlessly in your existing Environment and Workflow, from barebone Metal up to SaaS.


We plow the Fields of Systems & Networking, Development & Publishing

15 Years of extensive experience encompass professional organizations scaling from individual businesses to international companies.

The Essentials

Our Solutions are free of distraction by design


Do less to accomplish more


at Core is a feature

Harnessed Technologies

Reclaim time for more important work

Systems built on Rock

Well thought Solutions are meant to last without support

Network Dynamics

are applied to Workflow with dedication

As many successful people,
we listen to the sound of Reason

First, Observe and analyze
Second, Learn and propose
Third, build and enhance

We pursue efficiency above all else,
it might require more than
two secs / three words though.

The best Tools are those that you can forget about.

Please, write to < contact at auroraelibri dot com >

auroraelibri@sharixmark on sharix


Online Support
Download this binary to enable (secure) remote access on any computer that you own
(double-click then send us the unique code shown on your screen).

Post Scriptum
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